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Valuation Services For Collective Trust Funds

Pooled collective funds can provide an economical, cost-effective solution to investing within qualified retirement plans. BPAS, through our Hand Benefits & Trust Company, currently serves as trustee and administrator for pooled collective funds.  These funds are valued daily by our operations department, and can be submitted for trading on the NSCC (National Securities Clearing Corporation).

As an administrative trustee, we have the ability to provide a multitude of accounting services, including offering funds with multiple share classes to meet the needs of various plan sizes and distribution channels.   Our staff has the experience and training to administer funds managed by third-party investment advisors.

Accounting Process

  • Market Value of Securities
  • Unrealized/Realized Gains and Losses
  • Interest and Dividend Accruals
  • Expense Accruals
  • Trade Date Posting


Composite Employee Benefit Trust

Hand Benefits & Trust established the Hand Composite Employee Benefit Trust on May 1, 1964.   This provided a trust in which the assets of employee benefit plans—qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code —can be commingled,  pursuant to the Composite Trust for purposes of broad investment diversification.

These funds are maintained for the exclusive benefit of the tax-qualified retirement plans that have engaged Hand Benefits & Trust as a fiduciary or as an agent for a fiduciary.



Coalition of Collective Investment Trusts White Paper (May, 2015)

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HB&T/The Wagner Law Group White Paper (May, 2017)



Notification of Fund Closing - CSIG Series 8/31/16 (7/5/2016)

HB&T Short Term Income Fund Monthly Reporting (updated 6/8/2017)


CEBT Documents

Hand Composite Employee Benefit Trust Document (updated 6/7/2017)

HB&T MetLife SVF Trust Document

HB&T Stable Value Collective Investment Trust (for HANYS Benefit Services client plans only)

Annual Audited Financial Statements

HB&T CIF 408(b)(2) Disclosure (updated 6/8/2017)

Fund Fact Sheets

CEBT Performance & Asset Reports

Collective Investment Fund Listing (updated 6/7/2017)

Participation Agreements

Hand CEBT Account Application (updated 6/7/2017)

Form 5500 Schedule C & D Disclosure (updated 2/1/2017)

HB&T Services Agreement Exhibit A (updated 6/7/2017)

Trading Partners (updated 4/27/2016)



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To learn more about Collective Funds call Stephen Hand at
713-744-3826 or email shand@bpas.com.