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Welcome to the participants' website for your FSA/HRA/HSA Account. Here you may access account information, find answers to frequently asked questions and download printable forms.

Our claims fax number is:  866-254-2942
Our customer service number is:  866-401-5272 option 3
Our address is:  BPAS, 820 Gessner, Suite 1250, Houston, Texas 77024

**Effective January 1, 2017, HRA plans can no longer reimburse medical expenses for a spouse or dependent that is not covered by the group health plan sponsored by your employer or covered by another group health plan.

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Disclaimer: We urge participants and plan sponsors to be aware of excessive “stockpiling”. Stockpiling occurs when a participant buys a large quantity of OTC drugs (typically at the end of the plan year) for the purpose of exhausting unused FSA funds. The IRS has indicated that FSA reimbursements should be limited to a reasonable quantity of drugs for use during the plan year. BPAS reserves the right to use discretion when adjudicating claims to determine what is a “reasonable” quantity.


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Printable Forms
Forms are provided in a writeable .pdf format for you to enter your information on the form before printing, signing and returning with your receipts. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Claim Forms

HSA Forms

FSA Claim Form (HFSA, LHFSA, DFSA, PRKG) HSA Enrollment Guide
HRA Claim Form HSA Distribution Request
Dependent Care Contract HSA Death Distribution Request
  HSA Contribution Form
Authorization Forms HSA Beneficiary Form
HIPAA Authorization Form HSA Release Authorization Form
  HSA Information Change Form
Estimation Worksheets HSA Transfer Form
Planning Worksheet for FSA and Daycare Expenses