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BPAS Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services

One Company. One Call.
A Full Portfolio of DC, DB, VEBA, and Employee Benefit Trust Services Under One Roof. One point of service.

At BPAS, we take on the responsibility for the entire daily valuation engine – from recordkeeping, trading, technology, plan design and plan document activities, to compliance work, statements and reporting, custodial functions and tax reporting. What certain clients may not cherish at the outset (but overwhelmingly thank us for later) is our mantra of forcing operational discipline in each plan relationship. We require more data with every payroll submission than most of our competitors, but this data allows us to provide a higher level service, avoid errors and streamline numerous activities for the client moving forward.

Unlike firms who enter the recordkeeping business with a goal of gathering assets or promoting proprietary funds, BPAS is different. Providing administrative, actuarial and consulting services is our primary business. We succeed by hiring, training and acquiring top talent; staying at the forefront of technology, compliance and regulatory changes; and by assuming a higher level of responsibility for our clients. In a crowded marketplace, service, flexibility and expertise are the BPAS hallmarks.

BPAS serves the full spectrum of defined contribution and defined benefit plans, as well as non-qualified plans. We offer true open architecture on investments and exclusively support no-load investment products (no variable annuities or insurance-based products). And we service plans through a team of highly skilled dedicated Plan Consultants, who undergo ongoing training and certifications so they can serve as a primary point of contact for clients.

Why Choose BPAS Plan Administration & Recordkeeping Services?

  • A Full Portfolio of Plans and Designs. Look to BPAS for 401(a), 401(k), 403(b)(7), 403(b)(9), 1081, Cross-tested Profit Sharing, ESOP, kSOP, Prevailing Wage, Taft-Hartley, 457(b) 457(f ), 409(A), Cash Balance, Traditional Defined Benefits, ASC 715, GASB 45, Employee Benefit Trust and VEBA/HRA solutions.
    • Administration that Goes Beyond Recordkeeping. BPAS services include 180/360 payroll integration, automatic enrollment administration, eligibility determinations, adjudication of loans and distributions, online enrollment, 3(16) fiduciary services and more.
    • Open Architecture. Select from more than 20,000 funds plus a brokerage window. No annuity or proprietary fund requirements.
    • Employee Benefit Trust Services. Through our Hand Benefits & Trust subsidiary, we provide custody, trustee, and/or discretionary investment services to $19 billion in plan assets.
    • Fiduciary Outsourcing for 3(16), 3(21), and
  • 3(38) services.
  • Dedicated Plan Consultants. Relationships matter.
  • MyPlanLoan Administration for participant-level loan continuation. That makes HR teams very happy.
  • Integrated participant-level advice solutions.

Bottomline: At BPAS, we are experts in delivering comprehensive, fully integrated one-stop solutions, leaders in innovative technology, and groundbreakers in participant education with our unique consultative, hands-on focus. We’ll make life easier for your HR team, increase plan participation, and ensure your employees are able to retire with dignity. Contact us for more information.